This logo was developed for an organization that produced a piece of virtual reality software geared towards teaching scaffolding safety procedures and practices. It features a series of custom-made glyphs that are intended to roughly mimic the contours of printed circuit boards as a nod to the computational technology behind the RISE platform. All of the letters are upper-case with the exception of the lower-case “e” so as to have the acronym meet with the popular trend of prefixing hi-tech advances in such a fashion. The “S” appears in a bright orange towards emphasizing the central topic of safety as such a hue is often used/seen in the context of construction sites and roadways. The graphic also contains an “Easter egg” of sorts. Specifically, the upper portion of the “R” can be perceived as a stylized partial visage of an individual wearing a pair of VR goggles. To explain, the C-shaped curve represents the headset while the tail of the letter forms the lower portion of the face (e.g., a slanted jaw line) extending from behind the visor. A thinner, lighter-weight font was used to spell out the project’s name for balance and contrast with the thick lines and heavy look of the glyphs.
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